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Campaign Finance and Elections

Federal and state campaign finance laws are undergoing sweeping changes, and every election cycle operates in an evolving legal environment.  We stay current with these laws and we take every opportunity to shape them through our advocacy to legislatures and regulatory bodies, and through our participation in key administrative and judicial proceedings.

We work with clients to maximize their ability to influence elections by using every lawful opportunity available to them.  Advocacy groups, labor organizations, political committees and political services providers seek our advice on structuring their political operations, shaping their overall electoral strategy and undertaking specific ventures and initiatives, from dealing with political candidates and parties to broadcasting independent advertisements.  Charities seek our counsel in educating the public on key issues, supporting ballot measures within the strictures of tax law, carrying out voter registration and get-out-the-vote projects, and pursuing other activities that are consistent with their overriding obligation of nonpartisanship.

We provide specialized advice on campaign finance, voter registration and other election-law matters to organizations at the federal level and in all 50 states.  The firm has become especially active in advising groups on individual states’ campaign finance and lobbying laws, including how organizations may comply with those laws in light of changes in constitutional law that state election agencies have not yet formally accommodated in their regulations and policies

Every group must also be mindful of the distinct but closely related requirements of federal tax law, and how they intersect with campaign finance laws.  The firm’s lawyers regularly advise on these matters and have written widely about them.

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